Paul Irofti

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Current Position

Department of Computer Science
University of Bucharest

Lecturer interested in signal processing, operating systems and security. Currently teaching "Operating Systems" and "Using Operating Systems" courses.

Past Positions

Department of Automatic Control and Computers
University Politehnica of Bucharest

Postdoc involved in two research projects. I also taught "Numerical Methods", "Parallel and distributed processing of data and knowledge", and "Modelling and Simulation".

Sparse representations in signal processing
IDEI 2011 project, January 2014 - September 2016

Researching dictionary learning for compressed sensing applications with a focus on parallel GPU implementations.

Set-theoretic approaches for fault tolerant control of complex systems
TE 2015 project, September 2015 - December 2017

Investigating sensor placement using sparse representations and dictionary learning with applications in water distribution networks.



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Under Review:

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