Paul Irofti

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 System Administration
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I can be contracted to setup and/or maintain servers and firewalls based on
Windows and Unix(-like) systems such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD or Linux.

I can take care of monitoring and performing the daily tasks required by your
server so you don't have to worry and hire a permanent administrator.

If you plan on setting up one or more servers, I can work with you to determine
the most reliable setup based on your budget and needs. You will know what can
be done, what cannot be done, and what you will be able to rely upon.

I can take care of configuring the services you will run so that you get
straight to your work without focusing on technical details.

My rate varies depending on the work complexity and if I am contracted
as a regular maintainer.
Drop me a mail with a description of your needs, I will answer with a
quotation in a short timeframe.