Paul Irofti

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I enjoy taking hikes everytime I get the chance. In highschool I was in a
mountaineering club and ever since the bug stuck to me.

I've done some climbing and bouldering as well, but not as much.

Playing Go

This is an incredible game. Always discovering and conquering new concepts and
strategies. You never stop learning. Its simply amazing.

I started playing sometime at the end of 2008 when I attended a local
competition. Afterwards I joined a club, got a teacher and started going to
other contests.

Nowadays I mostly play on the internet.


This is my main way of transportation. I try to bike as often as I can,
its very refreshing.

I also enjoy mountain biking.


I love to run. Here are some charts.


In my spare time I also administer NewOrder. It started as a security-related
in the 90's but it now expanded its area towards programming, mathematics and
anything other that is somewhat related.


There are so many interesting topics and so little time.

Things like literature, mathematics, AI, Lisp etc. will always claim a large
part of my free time.