Paul Irofti

About me: 
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 System Administration
 Security Audits

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Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers
Polytechnic University of Bucharest
(January 2014 - Present)

Research assistant involved with parallel algorithms for sparse and redundant
representations for dictionary learning and training with applications in
image processing (reconstruction, compression, noise reduction etc.).

My implementations involve heterogenous systems using GPUs and CPUs via OpenCL.

(June 2010 - September 2013)

Project Lead: AntiMalware Emulator Implementation

Side projects:
 Build, Test and Report Infrastructure
 Internal Telephony Infrastructure Setup
 Static Antivirus Engines Development
 Developing a Generic Server/Router Security Solution

Core AntiVirus Software Engineer at BitDefender
(April 2008 - June 2010)

A tech job full of math and alogrithms, everything is written in portable C
plus a lot of work and investigation in assembly.

Developer at OpenBSD
(October 2008 - Present)

Working on ports, acpi, pcc build integration and other random stuff.

Developer at Unidec Computer Systems
September 2005 - April 2008

VoIP, PBX, Call Center, IVR, Call Recording software development, deploying
Linux specialized Distributions.

Developer at Theta Soft Advertising
January 2005 - September 2005

Astrology software and web development.